Denver Employment Discrimination

Strong Legal Action for Victims of Employment Discrimination

In a difficult time of slow or nonexistent hiring and job growth, many people across Colorado feel very fortunate to be employed. Out of fear and uncertainty, you may be hesitant to challenge your employer on everyday work issues or push for better treatment. But what if unfair treatment rises to the level of employment discrimination?

Have you been fired or laid off, demoted, held back or passed over due to racism, sexism, or another form of discrimination? Are you suffering due to workplace harassment based on personal characteristics you cannot change? If you feel you may be a victim of employment discrimination, please contact us, the dedicated attorneys at the Employment Law Office of Colorado. We will not charge a fee to talk through the basic circumstances of your case and whether it appears you have legal recourse.

Federal and State Laws Bar Discriminatory Treatment

Our team is prepared to evaluate your potential employment discrimination case. It is important to recognize that federal and state employment laws establish protected classes, and a valid discrimination claim and action must identify discrimination based on factors such as your:

  • Race or national origin
  • Religion or religious beliefs
  • Gender, including being subjected to sexual harassment or job discrimination because of pregnancy
  • Age
  • Disability

Yet another form of illegal treatment can occur if you have called attention to wrongdoing by your employer. We have extensive experience with “whistleblower cases” resulting in unfair treatment or retaliatory discharge, which are addressed in both federal and Colorado state statutes. You may also have a cause of action if you were fired for exercising your FMLA rights.

Begin Learning Your Rights and Options in a Free Consultation

You can turn to us for focused personal attention beyond what you might receive at a larger law firm. We are straight-talking lawyers who will not offer false hope — but who will take on a challenging employment discrimination case because the cause is just and the action important for your future.

Whether you are facing employment discrimination, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, retaliatory discharge or ADA discrimination, our experienced attorneys will help you. Let us guide you through the process and fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation!